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An unusual view of the Wild and Crazy World of Tattooing as
seen through the eyes of the
Tattoo Geezer

Here you'll find all the latest tattoo news from around the world
revolving around tattooing. That is... if the Geezer deems it pertinent

And of course as everyone knows, the Geezer has an answer for

especially concerning tattooing. So feel free to test the
Geezer's knowledge as he answers your

But most of all.... the Geezer has a keen eye for a cool tattoo as
he's always on the lookout  for that next
tattoo design

And quite naturally the Geezer has a knack for conjuring up some
tattoo designs of his own which he refers to as
Hey...even the Geezer's gotta make a little dough Right?

Even The Geezer Needs a Home
Welcome to the Wild & Crazy World
of Tattooing
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