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You never know when a Mermaid will pop up. Guess this

amateur photographer just got lucky with these great

shots of unsuspecting Mermaids
Mermaid Transportation
This Mermaid was photographed in Las Vegas
Well it just makes sense that a Mermaid would trravel by Sea Horse
These Two Mermaid Beauties (above) Were Photographed at My Favorite Restaurant
in Virginia Beach VA
Captain George's Where They Have an Amazing Stained Glass
Domed Ceiling...Actually There's Two!  Oh yeah! And the Crab Legs...!
Virginia Beach Mermaid
Virginia Beach Mermaid from Captain George's Resturaunt
A Florida Mermaid Mural photographed at the pier in Clearwater
This Mermaid Beauty (mural above) Was
Spotted Near the Pier in Clearwater Florida
This Stunning Mermaid Was
Seen Guarding Over the Liquid
Refreshments in Las Vegas
An Outer Banks kinda Mermaid
The Outer Banks in North Carolina is Famed
for Two Things...Mermaids and Pirates
Chances Are If You Come Across
A Sea Horse You'll Find a
Mermaid...How Else Do You
Think Mermaids Get To Town?
Another Stunning View of the Stained Glass
Ceiling at
Captain George's Restaurant
It's Funny How Mermaids Will Pop Up in
Places You Wouldn't Ordinarily Expect to See
Them...Like Greensboro North Carolina
...Or in Danville Virginia
Some Mermaids Are Known to Get Under a
Man's Skin....