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The Next Advancement of the Human Lifespan Will Not Be Made Through Medicine
but rather the ability to adapt technology....(read more)
Kisses....And the Stinging Bite of a Tattoo Machine....(read more)
Bed Bug Bites Create Patterns on the Skin Forming Weird Tattoos....(read more)
Cheese Crafters Use Foot Bacteria for Starter Culture in the Production of Stinky
....(read more)
A Lone Traveler from Afar, ISON Arrives in Shimmering Coat Tails to Dance with the
Sun in what might be a last tango....(read more)
There's Nothing Strange About a Young Man Marrying an Elderly Woman These Days
Unless that lady is a tree....(read more)
Man Buys Home Next Door to Ex-Wife and Erects Statue of Giant Middle Finger
pointed directly at her home...(
read more)
Florida Man Pulls Gun Then a Badge in Drive-By on Dunkin Donuts and Gets Bagged
the very next day...(read more)
The World's Longest Known Living Animal was Born About the Time of Columbus
Discovering America and Died in 2006
....(read more)
Tattoo Thief Makes Off With Fresh Work of Art A Hampton VA man known as "Beavis" is
accused of receiving tattoo with no intention of paying....(
read more)
How Does a Homemade Video Go Viral on the Internet...? Don't Try This at Home...!
Watch as This Dad Mimics Daughter Throwing Epic Temper Tantrum....(see video)
Innovative New Website Offers Hundreds of Free Tattoo Designs Out the Wazoo
Professionally Rendered....(
Big Foot Calling Contest Calls Creature Out of Hiding...? Couple in Northern PA snaps
photos of what appears to be....(
read more and view photos)
What's All the Bra-Ha-Ha About? Art Exhibit Seeks to Amuse While Raising Awareness
of women's health issues by turning
bras into whimsical works of art....(read more) (photos)
Media Mogul Purchases Tokyo Rose's Actual Microphone and It Still Works | On the
Anniversary of her death 7 years ago a special message was broadcast using....(
read more)
You've Probably Never Seen an Eagle Snatch a Deer...Until Now ! | Amazing photo
captures the rare moment a large eagle swoops in and captures a deer....(
read more)
VA Beach Seventh-Grader Facing Expulsion Charged With Possessing A Toy Gun
Which he was playing with in his own yard...(read more) (updated here)
Veteran Tattooer The Tattoo Geezer Ponders Cee Lo Green's Head Full of Henna
Temporary Tattoo Work "It's UGLY and"....(
read more)
Pirates Abound...! But No Doubloons More than 6,750 Pirates made their way to Mariners
Museum Park in Newport News VA in an attempt to break a World record but they were shy a
couple o' Scallywags....(
read more)
When Film Animators and Poets Collide You Get Poetry in Motion is
an innovative new venture that couples the work of contemporary poets with renowned film
makers to create "moving poems"....(
read more)
Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 Award Winners These get better every year
A Must See....(
view now)
Hunger Among Pirates Was a Regular Aspect of Day to Day Living Subsisting on
Grog, Hardtack, Dried Meats and Pickled Eggs....(read more)
Scientists Discover the Source of Imagination in the Human Brain
The recent discovery of the source of imagination within the human brain will aid researchers
in their quest to "recreate those same creative processes in machines"...(
read more)
A Rare Tube-Shaped Cloud Created a Spectacle in Northern Virginia Monday
An amazing roll cloud tumbles it's way over the DC area (Sept. 16) as it crept across the
read more)
Why Did This BMW Owner Take A Sledgehammer To His $160,000 Car......?
BMW owner Pourmohseni Hadi went a step further in letting out his anger. The Iranian
Marble executive publicly executed his BMW M6 in front of a crowd of stunned onlookers just
outside the
Frankfurt Auto Show....(read more)
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