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Tattoo Aftercare
Because the integrity of the skin is compromised during the tattoo
process, the skin becomes vulnerable to invasion by germs and
bacteria which can cause infection.

a fresh new tattoo must be thoroughly cleansed and
wrapped with a protective covering immediately upon completion
must remain covered for about two hours.

That peeking!

This is important because it takes about two hours for the skin to
recover enough to put up a good defense against immediate harm.
After two hours, carefully remove the protective covering, but
wash your hands.

Then gently scrub the fresh tattoo with some mild soap and warm
water using just your hand and rinse.

Then pat it dry and allow to air dry for a few minutes before apply-
ing a very thin layer of
Vitamin A & D Ointment.

Then keep it covered with clean, loose-fitting clothing and protect it
from getting scraped, scratched, or bumped.

For the next twenty four hours or so, a fresh tattoo may ooze some
This is normal but presents a few problems.

First, the constant oozing leads to excessive wiping and dabbing
which can irritate the skin and lead to infection. In this case, let the
fluid flow away from the fresh tattoo and then wipe.

Also, while sleeping it is inevitable that some of the oozing will stain
the sheets and bedding. In this case, an overnight covering may
be in order. But remove the covering and cleanse thoroughly
immediately upon awaking.

And always remember to
wash your hands before tending to your
new tattoo.

It's important to
wash your new tattoo daily until the healing
process is completed. Basically keep it clean. Keep it dry and
protect it from the environment. And avoid prolonged exposure to
the sun.

After the tattoo has completely healed, normally about 7 to 10
days, some
dryness and flakiness may still be present for which
a lotion may be applied.
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