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True Stories in Fishing Adventures
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A Fish Tail of a Different Story
Now my Grandfather on my Mother's side was a remarkable fisherman. If
there was a body of water, anywhere, he could fish it...! He wielded his
fishing pole like a divining rod, in otherwords...he could find the fish.....!
I know this because, whenever he set about...he always came home with
a slew of freshly-caught fish.

However, my Grandfather is not only known for his fishing abilities, but  
for his fish-frying abilities, as well. He could fry up a mess of cat fish that
even I would eat because I never was very fond of cat fish to begin with.
But the way my Grandpa fried it up with a crispy corn-meal coating
seasoned to perfection, the fish would just melt in your mouth.

One day my Grandpa was frying up a bunch of trout when he served up
a platter of fried fish tails as an appetizer. Now the thought of eating fried
fish tails never occurred to me. I always thought that was one of the parts
you always threw away. But not my Grandpa. He would clean 'em up and
drag 'em through a corn-meal batter and fry 'em up in a skillet of hot
grease until they were golden brown and crispy like potato chips. Once I
ate one...I had to have another and another and another.

So I've just gotta say to my Grandpa who is currently fishing that trout
stream in the sky..."I sure do miss you Grandpa and your fried fish tails
and especially the fish tales you use to tell."